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YG Spirit

We revere the God and respect the talent; (culture)
We will be united as one and coagulate our strength;(culture)
We will implement strict system for justice and fairness; (system)
We are vigilant in peace time and keep up with the times;(decision making)
We pursue advanced ideas through continuous study;(ideas)
We are insightful with clear vision;(thought)
We strive for excellence through constant innovation; (technology)
We all work hard with no fear of difficulties; (employee)
We all are loyal to the company with commitment and responsibility; (employee) 
We do business with justice, integrity and incorruptibility; (administration)
We are practical and realistic and adopt suggestions from the world;(attitude)
We put honesty and trustworthiness first;(purchase)
We depend on quality with giving priority to customers; (sales)
We abide by the laws and live peace with all; (government and society)

We broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, and attach importance to finance;(finance) 
We regard pursuing profits as our short-term goal and providing service to society as the long-term goal; (purpose)  
We are all the big family of YG. 

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